REACH support
Toxicological data processing
Summarise existing information
Consider adequacy, key studies & data gaps
Generate data/testing plan
Toxicological endpoints (quantitative evaluation)
No Observed Adverse Effect Level/Concentration (NOAEL, NOAEC)
Benchmark Dose (BMD)
Assessment Factors (AF)
Toxicological data interpretation (qualitative evaluation)
Mechanism of Action (MoA)
Relevance to man (treshold/non-treshold)
Weight of Evidence (WoE)
Toxicological data comparison (predictive evaluation)
Analogues searching
Read-Across evaluation
(Quantitative) Structure-Activity Relationships (QSAR)
Chemical Safety Assessment/Report (CSA/CSR)
Hazard & Effects assessment: Derived No Effect Level (DNEL)/ Predicted No Effect Concentration (PNEC)
Exposure assessment: Predicted Environmental Concentration (PEC)
Risk characterisation and Classification
REACH in brief (pdf file)